How well will this system play 3D games?

I am building a new system, and am a huge gamer considering 3D for the first time. Being a 3D newbie, I am not sure what all comes into play here, but I would imagine CPU & GPU are obvious. I am curious how well the system I am building might support 3D, and what frame rates I might expect for games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, etc. while playing on max graphics settings.

System Specs:

ASRock Z77 Mobo
Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge
G.SKILL Ripjaws PC3 10666 x 16GB
Corsair Force Series 240GB SSD
eVGA nVidia GTX 580 x1

Suspected Display Settings:

nVidia 3D Vision
1920x1080 Resolution
22-24" Display
HDMI Connected

I included a couple of things that don't seem like they would matter, just in case such as mobo, hdd, memory, etc.
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  1. 3D? Sorry thought you were talking about just the game. I have no experience with 3D, but I say from what I have seen, is cut your FPS in half and that is your 3D experience.
  2. Drop the i7, 16 GB RAM and get a cheaper SSD. You need to double your GPU budget.
  3. Budget is not really a problem, but at the same time I don't want to buy 2x $1000 graphics cards either. But I need the system memory for sure, I multitask like crazy and find myself constantly using about 75-90% of my current 6GB RAM. 16GB should keep me comfortable for quite a while. I can afford to keep the CPU, RAM & SSD, so lets work with the GPU budget then.

    I was hoping to use nVidia 3D Vision Surround on 3 monitors. So how about 2x eVGA GTX 680 2GB GDDR5 on SLI for the GPU budget? Would that support those monitors?
  4. Though I have an aversion to 3D movies, I have found 3D gaming a kick..... hadn't really expected to be wowed but Batman AC with 3D and PhysX was quite impressive.

    At the top of ya list, look for some 120Hz monitors such as the Asus VG236H

    As for ya build, I took it as something you are starting so gotta ask....why last generation technology ? Note ya have a Sandy Bridge CPU in an Ivy Bridge MoBo.

    Asus Z77 Sabertoothb2/ i5-3570k

    Corsair 2 x 8GB $ 54 DDR3-1333 CAS9

    Mushkin DDr3-1600 CAS9 $69

    That's a Tier 3 SSD for $220,3269-6.html

    How about a Tier 1 for $165 ? $10 off w/ promo code HARDOCP1X31G, ends 11/6

    As for the ya 680's .... MSI lightning would be an easy choice over the EVGA choice at $480
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