Help with a faulty pci card (blue screen)

I just bough a zotac GeForce GT 520 and it does not play nice with the rest of my components. My specs are in my signature. I run windows 7 Ultima. The problem is that the card gets video but my computer crashes often and when it does turn on it does not run a normal driver it runs VgaSave whatever that is. My computer does not boot well into either of my windows 7 installs as I have 2. It also does not boot well into Linux. By well I mean sometimes yes mostly no, it gets stuck half way.
I have tried all of the pci slots in my pc and its the same. As soon as I put my old Nvidia mx400 most of it stoped but its still a tad glitchy.
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  1. I just got my first blue screen with my old card
  2. What's your power supply unit?

    What does the blue screen say?
  3. My power supply is 500W my blue screen says dumping out physical memory to prevent damage to your pc
    but now the blue screens happen too fast for me to read
    also it noe happens with my old video card that worked and works perfectly fine.(tested on another pc) this is a fresh install of windows xp and also tried windowws 7
  4. I'd suggest checking your memory. You can do that with Memtest tool.
  5. Unfortunatly i cannot get that far into booting also i did swap out the mem into different slots tried alternating between both of the stick but to no avail
  6. I need a new thread as the problem has escalated and is no longer a video problem.
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