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Helo picking new Graphics Card

Alright so i want to have at least 35-40 fps on any game max settings, 1080p res. So heres my system.

CPU-i5 2500K (SB) OC @4.0GHz
HSF-Intel water cooling solution for LGA 2011/1155
RAM-Corsair Vengence 4GB(2x2GB)
Optical- LG Bluray burner
Boot drive-Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD(Win 7)
Fast Storage-Samsung 830 128GB SSD
Slower Storage- Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Graphics Card-HIS Radeon HD7770 GHz
PSU-Corsair HX850
Networking-Asus Wireless PCIex1 card
Case- NZXT Guardian
Monitor-Westinghouse 39' LED TV using HDMI (if you havent tried it your missing out)

So i was doing some research and i looks like im might be going with a Radeon HD 7870 unless the difference beween it and a HD7850 is negligible at 1080p on one monitor. dont want to spend 260 and get the same results as if i spent 200.

EDIT: I might not be spending any, I just OC'd my GPU core from 1000MHz to 1100MHz and the memory from 1125MHz to 1200MHz and got 38-39 fps from guild wars 2 best apperance (used to get 28-29) so i guess problem solved but i will probably consider an upgrade so just post as if this edit wasnt here lol.
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  1. I would def get the 7870 over the 7850...there will be a difference in performance...worth the extra cash in my opinion. heres a good card for $248 after rebate
  2. yeah i was considering this one

    plus im a sucker for free shipping.
  3. yea that would be a good card...the only negative I have heard about it is that the fans are kinda has a lifetime warranty and xfx has great CS....I can attest to that...I broke a motherboard from them totally my fault and they replaced it without question.
  4. I usually play music during games when its uder load so i dont really notice the fans my case has 6 including the PSU and GPU fans, and its quieter than my xbox slim lol. But i probably wont be upgrading for another 2 weeks at the earliest so it might change, or a miracle could happen and prices might drop lmfao.
  5. lol i doubt the price drop that just happened a few weeks ago....but yea I dont care too much about fan noise either my pc sounds like a jet engine so that gpu would not even be noticed in my rig
  6. he isnt picking last gen parts..he already has the system....
  7. Why are you picking last gen parts? You want Ivy Bridge. Also playing on a TV means input lag and a number of other issues which you may or may not notice.
  8. lol yeah for about 9 months now lmao, he doesnt read very well huh.
  9. it happens...I do it sometimes I totally miss a major point in the happens when you go through alot of threads
  10. MotherFerJones said:
    lol yeah for about 9 months now lmao, he doesnt read very well huh.

    See how far that will get you. Figure out your question for yourself then.
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    ^ ha I LOL'ed at your example
  12. so if i was nice to you, you would have berated my system MORE???????

    I'm sorry if your feelings are hurt but you semi-answered a question nobody asked, Its like if someone in your office is going to McDonalds for lunch and they ask if you want anything and you yell "PIZZA!!!!".
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