Does the 660ti reference fan have to same 670 reference sound issues?

hi, im very shortly going to build a pc and deeply looking into the 660ti. theres just one question i need to be answered as i am going to want my pc to be decently quite so like around 25-30 dba. the options for the 660ti are mostly non-reference but the reference ones are much cheaper and if they dont have the annoying buzzing/humming motor kind of noise that the gtx 670 reference cards have eg : ill go with them but as i cant find any answers on the web im completely clueless. so any help is much appreciated :)

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  1. I have no experience with either of the reference models so you may want to hold out for a definite answer, but if your after quiet I would say avoid them and go for a nice aftermarket cooler design
  2. I think you'll find your answer here Quote: Fan noise in idle is amazingly low; you won't be able to hear the card in your computer outside of gaming. The fan ramps up just a little bit under load - still staying pretty quiet. Of all the GTX 660 Ti cards reviewed today, only the ASUS DC II is even quieter.
  3. thanks :D. also, ive heard that the gigabyte 660 ti's coil whine. do the galaxy 660 ti's coil (both 2gb gc and 3gb gc) heres an example of the galaxy gc 2gb 670 having coil whine

  4. Not sure personally i have only try the MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti Power Edition 2 GB there was no coil whine and it was quiet i have try some 670's i liked the Asus 670 Top best the others i am just going by what professional reliable review sites say that i posted for you to check out
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