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I have a crossfire'd pair of gigabyte 5850's in my rig, each with 1048mb of VRAM and from all the research I have done I thought that crossfire doesn't combine that memory

And yet shogun 2 total war's graphics menu is telling me that I have 1889mb of video memory...

Are my cards really sharing memory?

Or is it possible that all of the graphics options I have turned on ADD UP to 1889mb? I highly doubt that is the case however since I run a consistent 50fps with all the stuff I have turned on which should mean my VRAM isn't bottlenecking right?

I'm so confused :cry:

Here's all the stuff I have activated if it helps:

shadow quality: ultra
particle effects: ultra
unit/building detail:ultra
terrain,grass,trees,sky, and water all set at ultra
depth of field: high
tessellation: on
soft shadows: on
SSAO: on
HDR: on
Shader model 5
texture filter: anisotropic x16

Any help would be much appreciated
and of course I'm in 1080p
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    Tomsharware said:
    : Do SLI or CrossFire double the memory ?
    No.Adding another card with more memory doesn't double the overall memory of your cards.

    When you Crossfire/SLi your still gonna be limited to 1GB of VRAM as they don't combine from the cards.
  2. It's probably a software bug.
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