AMD Phenon II 1045T

I had a mother board M4A88T-M Turbo V with the AMD sempras 140 processor with 4 GB RAM (DDR 3) . I wasn't able to unlock the other core and the system was slow. I first tried upgrading the RAM to 6GB and that did not help much.
So I finally decided to for the AMD PhenomII 1045T the 6 core processor. After that I see that it is considerable faster but my other I7 920 based system seems faster than this build. I run Oracle App server and Oracle Database server on it and it bogs down still.

What should I look at to improve the performance ? I have a 150GB harddisk in it and it is not new.. Would that affect the performance ? Should I look at upgrading RAM to 8GB?

Regards and thanks, I love the forum
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  1. what exactly is slow?

    more ram is never a bad idea, especially since your running a database on it.

    Another easy thing to do is to just reinstall the OS and start fresh.

    Replacing the hard drive with an ssd might be a good way to go as well, you can get a ~128gb ssd on sale for around 80, and there will probably be better deals if you wait for black friday
  2. After Oracle is installed, when I start the PC, it takes really long time to be ready when I can click on icons and start any task (may be about 2-3 minutes). After that whenever I click on icons, it takes considerably longer before the programs start. The listener and other oracle processes are definitely responsible for making it slow because when I kill them the PC is much faster again. But I wonder why the PC configuration is not able to handle the load.
    Thank you for the suggestion about the SSD drive, I will definitely buy it during the BF

    Another question is about the motherboard M4A88T-M Turbo V. Do you think it is good motherboard to handle heavy load like database servers ?

    Thanks a lot for the response
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