Huge problems with fps drops

Hey guys, it's my first post here and I hope somebody can help me.
My specs are: Intel Core i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT230 and 8 GB RAM.

I've been having problems the past couple of months where I have played a game for about 10-15 minutes and then BAM my fps goes from 60 to 5-12.
The games i've been playing are games i've never had any problems with whatsoever in the past (Bloodline Champions, WoW, LoL, SC2 and the list goes on and on)

I've posted on many forums but I have never really gotten a good answer, some say it's my graphics card, some say it's my harddrive, some say it's overheating and I don't know which one it is.

I have never had any problems before with this proccessor and graphics card so I don't think that is the problem.

My friend had the same fps drops but he just defragmented his computer and it was all fine again but that didn't work for me. I'm thinking the reason behind my fps drops is because my GPU/CPU is overheating but I don't know how to solve it.

I hope somebody can help, thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english and having bad knowledge of computers :).
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  1. The easiest thing to check is your temps to make sure they not overheating. Download Real Temp Monitor ( Make sure its monitoring your GPU temps as well then leave it running in the background then go into the game and play till the FPS start to drop. Then exit the game and check your maximum temps. Then you can post the result and we'll go on from there. :)
  2. nevertheless could you please tell me what the max temp is? for CPU and GPU
  3. I downloaded the program and my tempature is exactly the same regardless of having fps drop or not so it seems that overheating is not the problem.

    There's a screenshot of the RealTemp, im not sure which one is the CPU and which one is the GPU though.
  5. oky ur CPU temps look fine. They both your CPU's temps by the way. I'm going to need your GPU temps also just to be sure. your going to need to open RealTemp again and then click settings then under the Notification area color and font make sure there is a tick under GPU. You'll now notice that in the top left corner just under your processor's name there is a box that says GPU with a temperature reading. Again just leave the RealTemp running in the background and then go play the game till the FPS drop. After that quit the game and then open RealTemp again click on the GPU box and check the max and minimum temps. I also realized that you had just opened RealTemp when you took the screenshot. You need to leave it running in the background i.e. minimize it while you game. Because 46 degrees is a bit high for idle temps but not too bad
  6. I can't put a tick on the GPU button, it's grey.
  7. Okay, sorry didn't know. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to point you towards the download button again :(.
    Please download this program
    Again you'll have to leave it running in the background and game till the fps drop happens. After that you can exit the game open the sensors tab click the drop down arrow next to GPU temperature and select the max value.
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