Need help building a laptop for gaming and video

I am new to building PC's and i have no idea what i am doing..
I need a laptop that i can play games like League of Legends, WoW and other MMORPGs. I also need it for video editing for Xbox/PS3 capture card montages.

Im looking to spend around $500

I really want a windows 8 OS but i will also do a windows 7 if 8 isnt in my price range.

Ive been looking and found a windows 8 laptop for 400 that seems like it would work but again i dont know much about PC specs and parts. here is the link

Please i appreciate all the help i can get. I want something that is up to date and going to run my games and videos just about perfectly. thank you
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  1. im confused if u want a laptop or a pc?cause its just about impossible to build laptops :/
  2. You cant build a laptop.
    Also what you want (a gaming rig with editing capability) will require a bit more than $500. That's barely enough to build a low end gaming machine, this is with a desktop as well. Laptops have a much worse price/performance ratio then thought out desktops do.
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