Grafhics card problem lines coming horizontaly

please help me i ve got a asus 8600gt 256 mb whenever i play big games little lines shows up horizontaly some times they comes up when i am playing a game from 15 to 20 minutes after that these lines shows up but when i restart my pc the lines are gone and when i play any gud games again like [ sniper ghost warrior cod modern warfare 3 or prototype 2 ] these lines come back on screen and they show up only when i play games 20 minutes or 30 mintes aprox but these lines dont show up in windows when not playing games thier is no problem in windows when i play any video or stuf like that thier is not any problem i ve even played my pc 1 day or 2 day continuosly thier was no prolem no lines until played any game i ve checked temperature when those lines shows up the temperature was normal it was like 49 degree or apox 65 maxmimun its normal temperature plz help me guys tell me whts the prolem so i can fix it
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  1. Can you post a screenshot of the problem please?
  2. are all your cpu,mb&gpu temperatures normal?
    also,was this problem present when you first bought your pc?
  3. i encounter those lines when i overclock my gpu too much and stress test it

    try lowering gpu clock a little bit
  4. no there is no problem in my pc its in this card i know becoz before this card i had an 8500gt 256 mb that card had no problem at all
  5. i have nt overclocked this card its core clock is 540 and memory speed is 700 these are defualt setting
  6. sorry i dont have in screen shot or any photo sory any ideas
  7. did this problem appear after a driver update?
  8. my pc requirments are dell optiplex 755 cor to due processor 2.8 3 mb cache model 7400 ram 3 gb hardisk 500 gb
  9. ali_35 said:
    my pc requirments are dell optiplex 755 cor to due processor 2.8 3 mb cache model 7400 ram 3 gb hardisk 500 gb

    your psu?
  10. no these lines came from the start when i bought this card first when i played a game sniper ghost warrior on high setting the game was running very gud but after half hour i think these lines shows up
  11. try stress testing your gpu using occt at default clocks

    and then at 500mhz to se if it still arives
    if it does not show up this time then your getting unstable at default clocks
    thus defective card
  12. hey i took this pic from net i think my lines are similar to these lines but the amount of lines are very low in my case and all lines are separate from each other their is a little bit gape between each and every line plz help me guys that is the link
  13. [...] s:28,i:188 hey guys check this link plz and then tell me and on more think window 7 ultimate 32 bit is installed on my pc i downloaded this pic from the internet
  14. can u connect your vga cable to your mb port and see whether this problem is present?
  15. yeah i ve tryied but when put the caple in card that problem stil comes in games i think there is some kind of problem in card and hey have u check the picture the link i ve send check it and then tell me wht do u think
  16. Looks like the card is faulty. You'll have to replace it.
  17. is there no other way like repairing
  18. Nobody repairs GPUs because that would be too expensive: it's cheaper just to buy a new one (unless it's under warranty, in which case they will replace it for free).
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