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HI team,
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  1. luispelaezjr said:
    HI team,

    Hi team sorry i kinda submited my thread wrong.. but anyways, i have a question, i just built my new system and i want to get opinions on future gaming and how it will hold up for future games like GTA 5 and BF4... and so on ...

    My new system is

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Core I7 3770k OC 4.0 GHZ
    Cooler master N520 Dual Fans,
    MSI Z77 A GD 65 MOBO.
    16 GB DDR3 1600 Patriot VIPER Intel Extreme Memory
    Nvidia GTX 660 ti, 2GB @ 935mhz.
    1 TB WD HDD @7200 RPM 6gbs
    500 GB Barracuda @7200 RPM
    OC Extreme PSU 750 WT
    9 FANS for case cooling including CM STORM MID Tower CASE.
    ASUS 1080p + HP 1400 by 900 . Dual Screen set up.

    So what opinions can i get? Man i have to say PC gaming is the way to go , i mean i hear the ps4 will run a AMD a10 APU which means to my opinion will be a waist of money. Thanks for your posts and lets see what we get.
  2. Wow, there.
    You most certainly don't need 16 gb ram, unless you're running heavy load 3D applications. For gaming 8 GB is enough!
    Also, not sure why you need two separate TB and half-TB drives.
    Check out that article , might wanna reconsider your GPU choice( or not :D),review-32505-4.html
  3. haha lol yeah i just saw the empty slots on my mobo and was like man i need to fill them up. well the FPS difference between the 670 and 660 ti is 5-6 avg and price is about$50 less. today i ran bf3 ultra no AA with 16x AF and i get about 40+FPS and Crysis 2 extreme settings no AA about 50+ FPS. My core I 7 clocked down to 3.7 GHZ cuz OC is not necessary for now until a stronger requirement is released. SO what do you think?
  4. ohh and my two drives are there because i had them on my old PC one and the caviar black i just got it i load Crysis 2 levels in 10 to 7 secs. thats really fast aND BF3 DEPENDS ON NETWORK CONNECTIVITY AND I LOAD LEVELS UNDER 15 SECS.
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