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Cani run hd his 7770 ghz edition

hey guys,, i just wanted to know that can i run hd 7770 on my pc ,, right now i'm running hd 6670 ddr3 and it works fine!!

sandy bridge pentium g620 @2.6ghz dual-core
4gb kingston 1333mhz ddr3 ram in dual channel (2x2gb sticks)
asus p8h61-mlx motherboard with pci e 2.0 x16 lga 1155
corsair cx430 430watt psu (has a single 6-pin connector)

besides these i just have a dvd writer 24x sata and a seagate 500gb hdd ,, is my power supply sufficent or should i upgrade?? P.S i am not going to overclock the card !!! plzz reply!! :(
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  1. Yes it will work. Power supply is more than sufficient.
  2. Sunius said:
    Yes it will work. Power supply is more than sufficient.

  3. Sunius said:
    Yes it will work. Power supply is more than sufficient.

    you sure?? because the website says it requires atleast 500watt psu?? plz reply , i am really confused!
  4. I'm 100% sure. The website is exaggerating for the sake of cheap unbranded power supplies that cannot deliver what they promise on the label. Your Corsair unit is a quality brand one, and it will work for sure.
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    Almost all components use the +12v rail for power nowadays(either directly or indirectly).
    The two biggest culprits(by far) are the cpu and gpu. Your sandy pentium is a 65w cpu
    and the 7770 is an 80w gpu. Even if you OCed the gpu to 1250mhz buy adding 10%
    voltage you wouldn't exceed 121w on that part and neither cpu or gpu will get anywhere
    near those power usages, even if you loaded prime95 and furmark at the same time, let
    alone normal heavy use of both like gaming .The corsair cx430 has 28 amps on the +12v
    rail(336w) so will handle these parts easily. Look up the cx430 review at hardwaresecrets.
    They loaded that psu beyond its wattage rating a ways and it still delivered stable power.
  6. Hey bro my name Is Hamza too lol.. and for the psu just see whats required and add 50 watts to it if it needs 500 wats get 550 one so on.. it should work fine :)
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