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Low profile video card or not

is there any way possible to install a non low profile graphics card in to my dell optiplex 745 desktop? Also if there is a low profile graphics card that has 2gb, or 2048 mb of dedicated ram that is really good, please tell me. Also is it just the size of the graphics card my computer wont take, or is it that my motherboard wont support it because everybody that talks about the dell optiplex 745 desktop says to use the low profile, im just not sure if its talking in size proportion
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  1. I don't think so. The most powerful low profile card in the world is HD 7850:
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    Sunius said:
    I don't think so. The most powerful low profile card in the world is HD 7850:

    That looks like a pretty long card. Tried to do a google image search of optiplex 745 and came
    up with both a shorter tower type case and more old school "desktop" chassis that can
    either go tower style or lay flat(thinner of the 2). Guessing you have the thinner one since
    you ask about low profile where the tower only chassis looks capable of full height cards.
    Normally you are restricted to a narrower card in a thinner chassis, unless of course maybe
    you are willing to run your computer with the side/top panel off. Depends on fit at the back
    of the case, though.
  3. well thanks anyways
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  5. The card I linked isn't that long, at least not longer than the motherboard. It just look that way because it's small.
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