GTX460 and Arctic Cooling MONO Plus

Hi, I'm new here.

I have two Palit GTX460 Sonic Platinum in SLI and one of my card has its fan broken. I replaced it with an Arctic Cooling MONO Plus and... Wow!! The thing is huge, but so efficient and silent! An hour-long session of Diablo 3 (2560x1440, 4xAA, 16x Aniso, High settings) gets the card to "only" 47° while the other card still using the stock cooling is near 65° (and quite noisy). Impressive!

Now my issue is that I had to place the card that has the Arctic Cooling MONO Plus so that it wouldn't get in the way of the SLI bridge with the second card. I have an Asus P8P67Pro rev 3.0 board (the one linked is the Deluxe - couldn't find the link to the Pro version) and the card's distance is just fine for the regular SLI bridge. However, if I intend to switch the card's position (reason why I would do that is another topic) or if I intend to replace the cooling on the other card still on stock cooling, I won't be able to use my current SLI bridge (too short or heatsink of one of the card gets in the way - it's that huge).

Anyone had this issue? Also, I live in Canana and so far couldn't find a store (local or online) where I can order a 12cm SLI bridge (also made by Arctic Cooling). Any thought on it? Would it allow me to bridge my cards if both are using the Arctic Cooling MONO Plus?

EDIT: here's a pic of the card with the Arctic Cooling MONO Plus installed on it:
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  1. Thank you, the bridge wouldn't show up on NCIX when I searched for it. Ordered and shipped! I'll update the post to let you know how it goes with both cards updated with the MONO Plus cooling in SLI.
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