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Hey, Tom's Hardware community.
I started searching again about the parts for my new computer (btw, I'll buy it by Christmas) but the problem is this: I'm from Portugal, and I find the parts in US websites much cheaper than here, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding websites where I can buy the parts (so far I've compared prices using amazon and newegg). My question is: Is there any website that ships parts to Portugal with those kind of prices, even paying for the shipping?

Thank you!
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  1. Try, they ship international and sometimes their prices are the same or lower than newegg.

    Rates for Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Slovakia
    Product Category Per Shipment* Per Item
    Books, VHS videotapes $9.99 $5.49**
    CDs, DVDs, Music Cassettes, Vinyl $9.99 $2.99**
    Jewelry, Watches, Clothing Items, Shoes $12.99 $4.49
    Automotive, Baby, Computers, Electronics, Home, Personal Care, Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Sports, Tools, Toys $12.99 $2.49/lb
    Luggage $19.99 $2.99/lb
    Any combination of the above items $12.99 As above
  2. In amazon I found the AmazonGlobal program, that ships worldwide. Going to check the prices and the parts to compare.
    Thank you!
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