New build turns on for split second, then nothing

So... new build, first time, all put together, the system will light up for a split second when I push the power button then won't stay on. All connections solid. Any tips? I haven't tested the psu yet. Maybe I'm missing some connection?
Here are the specs:
antec 300 case
gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
i5 2500k
corsair 600 psu
corsair 8 gb memory
cooler master 212
generic sony dvd
rosewill card reader
samsung ssd
no video card yet, still on the fence.
The mobo was a like new open box on amazon. Everything else is new.
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  1. Just checked power supply, doing the green line in the 24 pin connector trick. Power supply fan spins (not super fast).
    Touched the power switch together with a paper clip. Did the same thing as the case power switch. Quick on followed by nothing
    I'm thinking mother board. Am I heading in the right direction?
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