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Noob: How to do 2 monitors right

I want to have 2 monitors for gaming. I'm trying to keep the price reasonable, at under $130.
I need to buy a second monitor and my requirements are 22/23" and 1080p. Currently I'm using a Dell U2311H,
and they are not for sale anymore. So I'm looking for a good, yet much cheaper, monitor.

What things do I need to consider in setting up 2 monitors for gaming? Does it change your field of view dramatically?
Also, how do I set my monitors up? They won't be identical, but relatively close in terms of diameters of screen (not height)

Choices (under $130) (in Taiwan)

Viewsonic VA2248 for $125
AOC e2250Swd for $115
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    Reason people don't go 2 monitor gaming is because your crosshair will get split in two, and the point where you'll be shooting at will be between the two monitors.

    That's the reason I don't recommend doing it.
  2. It is really recommended to use an odd number of screens (3 or 5)
  3. Interesting. I didn't think about that (split cross hair) but I see how. And I have no intention of setting up a 3 monitor system, so I'll have to scratch the idea of gaming on 2 monitors.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    I'll still buy a second monitor for fun but it'll be smaller, like a 19". (under $100) I love doing many things at once, and getting nothing done.
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