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My network adapter is really slow to load in Win 7. I recently installed an SSD. Prior to the SSD, I had migrated all of the user folders to a second drive (correctly using the move command) and everything was working fine. I simply cloned my c-drive to the ssd. Now I notice two issues. 1. My network adapter is really slow to load. Windows boots in a blink, but the blue circle on the network adapter takes nearly a minute to clear and nothing can be launched until it does. Second, Windows keeps trying and failing to install an office update. That means on every shutdown I go through the wait. I am not getting any errors, but I have checked to see which update is installing and it is the same one every time.

Any ideas?

Spec wise: I am hardwired to the router, an older Linksys G with Wireless.

Running Win7 64 Bit on a Gigabyte X58A-UD7 with I7-920. 3 X 4 Memory (12GB total).
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  1. Did you reinstall Windows on your new SSD, or just copy everything over?
  2. I did figure this out and I suppose it did have to do with move. The slow network connection loading had to dow with the local network I setup between the two machines in the our house. It seems moving the shared files to the new drive letter created a problem in locating the share. Killing the local network solved the problem. I haven't re-set it up yet, but will later.

    Yes, I moved all of my data from the C drive as a spinner to a second drive. Once it was paired down to just Windows and a programs I cloned the C drive. All that is working fine. In fact, I have to say that the process was far easier than I had expected. In researching on line I was prepared for the worst.

    The whole secret is that windows will let you "move" folders. See this link

    The only thing that didn't "just work" was moving the PST for outlook. I had to create a new one to get it going again.

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