Galaxy GTX 670 2 monitor problem (dvi)

I run an Asus 24" monitor and some random samsung 18" 4:3 monitor on the side. I just installed this new card (listed in title) the same way I had my 5770 running and only one monitor will work at a time. I am using the included DVI-VGA adapter. If I plug my Asus monitor in first that one works when I just have the dvi plugged in, then if I add my second monitor using the included adapter it only displays on the second monitor, the Asus one is blank.

I don't know if I explained this correctly.

The top DVI is the one using the adapter plugged into my second monitor
The bottom DVI is just using a plain DVI cable plugged into my main monitor.

This is the exact same way I plugged everything in with my 5770. Please help.
Oh, and this is even before I boot into Windows. It probably isn't a driver issue.
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  1. Only the top slot supports the DVI-VGA adapter. Do both slots work with your main monitor when the secondary monitor isn't connected?
  2. I just sent my friend a text and he said that his 570 does the same thing. The BIOS will only show on 1 monitor until he gets into Windows, then the driver kicks in and both monitors work fine.

    To answer your question, yes, the straight DVI connection works on both ports. But I solved my problem. Thanks for the speedy reply anyway :)
  3. Oh. I thought it didn't work in Windows. But yes, before OS, it will work on one monitor only.
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