Is this a workable, low-end gaming computer?

Hi, I've recently been taking some notes on gaming computers and am working on preparing to buy one. The budget is minimal (Below $500) and this is what I got so far. Will this suit light to medium gaming? (Graphics don't matter that much to me.)

Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD

AMD FX 6100 6-Core Processor, 3.3 6 Socket AM3+ - FD6100WMGUSBX
6-core 3.3 gHz
(comes with fan)

2x4gb (8gb) Crucial DDR3 204-pin

Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (1 gb)

Power Supply:
Cooler Master 480W

Sound Card:
Integrated into Motherboard

Hard Disk:
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb SATA 6gb/s

Any advice or confirmation would be great! Thanks in advance!
Also, have any suggestions for fans? (where and how many?)
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  1. That's not the setup I would recommend to be honest. First, I will list the stuff that is fine.

    -You picked a good HDD
    -You picked good RAM

    Other than that, you can get more optimal performance from that budget with different parts.

    -The 550Ti is not a very good card. It is overshadowed by the HD7770 Radeon, which is only a few bucks more.

    -CoolerMaster does not have a fantastic reputation for power supplies. You are going to want to stick to Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic.

    -The FX6100 Bulldozer is not the greatest gaming processor you can buy for the money. I would either recommend the new Piledriver (FX6300) or an Intel processor, like the i3 2220.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I'll be sure to look up those items.

    I'm rather new to this (yesterday) and the feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    The 550TI is not a good GPU. For the same price the Radeon 7750 destroys it, and the 7770 is way better for like a $20 difference.

    Where Cooler Master's faults lie are with the fact that it tends to slap a lot of false labels and certifications on their power supplies (their 500W PSU actually puts out about 350W with 12V amps). It's essentially false advertising at its' finest. And they repeatedly do it and get away with it - like Lance Armstrong. :lol:

    You're better off getting something like this:

    It's a bit more but the power supply is one thing you will definitely reuse and this one has a good 5 year warranty.
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