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I've been trying to assemble a build on paper before I purchase any parts. I believe everything will work out in my build, i just want some advice on anything I should change or if i'm good to go.
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  1. id get this

    -you need a good heatsink to overclock
    -you dont need that much ram
    -what is a 1000 dollar build without a SSD
    -please skip the combo deal
    -you dont need such a large case
    -found a cheaper and better gtx 670
  2. Was actually using the case for the design, and I need more RAM, I max out 8 a lot of the time. SSDs are not very big now and aren't a necessity. Thanks for the heat sink idea and the other graphics card
  3. well if you ever do plan on adding a SSD to a system, you will run into a huge hassle involving reinstalling windows, reactivating windows with microsoft, reformatting the drive, and redownloading all your drivers and games

    id spend a little less on the case to be honest

    what are you doing that would require more than 8gb of ram? ill suggest something later
  4. Money isn't that big of a deal, although I would like to keep it below $1500. When the time comes for an SSD i can just redo it, i need space for music editing (hobby along with gaming). I run a lot of programs in the background without closing them as it takes a long time to open them.
  5. if it takes a long time for things to load, that makes even more sense to get the SSD.

    you are only supposed to store the OS, your important apps, and some games on the SSD. the rest goes on the hard drive

    if you are a heavy multi-tasker, id get a i7 but then its your call if you want to spend the money

    and here is some ram that i would recommend. a 2x8gb kit is much better than a 4x4 kit as its cheaper and puts less strain on the CPU memory controller
  6. Yeah i realized the mistake on the ram right after i posted it actually, i was contemplating getting the i7 but it is an expensive upgrade, i was unaware of the big difference SSDs made, I just researched them... i'll definitely think about that option for sure.
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