Best upgrade to do with my computer


In some game like skyrim, F1 2012, I'm lagging a lot and it does not make any differance if i set the game to the lowest setting.

Here is my spec:
Amd x3 450 3,2 ghz (core unlocked)
Asus M4A88t-USB3
8gb ddr3 1333
Asus 6850 1gb
Western blue 500gb
Thermaltake TR2-500p 500 watts
Triple screen

What is the best thing to upgrade on my corrent computer?

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  1. triple screen?

    Not enough HP with the cpu or the gpu for that.
  2. You think this is why skyrim and f1 2012 are lagging? (Skyrim is playable only on one screen)
  3. What should i change first my CPU or GPU ?
  4. The fact that changing the graphics settings does nothing tells me you have a CPU bottleneck, so a new CPU is probably the best solution. With a BIOS upgrade your board should be able to support the newer AM3+ chips.
  5. ok Thanks.
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