All games stutter only in fullscreen.


I've got a fairly new gaming rig that experiences a massively noticeable stutter about every 3 seconds during gameplay. I've tried everything from reading forums: updating my BIOS, updating GPU drivers (up to date with 310.33), enabling/disabling vsync in-game, in control panel, or in D3D overider, and enabling/disabling SLI. But nothing seems to fix it. I've also tried having my game being the only program running at the time. This has been happening for as long as I can remember.

Then I tried running it in windowed mode and it seemed to stop for me. I was wondering if there were any other fixes other than that because I don't want to be running my games windowed.

My specs are:
AMD Phenom x4 965 3.4ghz
Galaxy GTX 560Ti
Geforce GTX 560Ti
ASUS M5A99x evo mobo
Thermaltake Smart M750W PSU
Brand new 128gb SSD (games)
350gb HDD (OS)

Here is a video of the stuttering which you can easily depict towards the end of the video.

Here is a shot of my voltage and temperature readings. My GPUs reach a maximum of 78-79° C
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  1. you have tried with only one graphics card?

    That should be the next thing if you havent done it already .
    Use a cleaber to remove all traces of the driver when you do that
  2. Yes I have tried only using one card to no avail. Also I don't know if this helps with diagnosis but I also get a huge amount texture pop in in all games. Turning down graphics settings in game or in control panel does nothing either.
  3. Did you use the 306 drivers as that is the beta drivers and they can have bugs?
  4. I use the 310.33 drivers but this has been happening throughout several drivers I have installed.
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