Sapphire 6570 HD 2gb drivers doesn't install correctly

Hello, I got sapphire 6570 HD 2gb like 3 days ago. The fan spins, but the drivers wont install correctly. I got Athlon x3, some random motherboard and 500w power and my OS is Windows 7 home premium x64. Any idea how to fix it?
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  1. Can you be more specific? What do you mean they don't install?
  2. It installs to 50%~ and after that it says that during installation occurred some errors but in logs it wont show any. srry for my bad english btw.
  3. Is the monitor connected to the HD 6570 rather than the motherboard?
  4. Srry, old acc doesn't work anymore o.o

    Oh well, it is connected to the HD 6570
  5. did you try to download them on the desktop after shut temporaty your virus software and install the driver also does your net framework is up to date
  6. Doesn't work :/
  7. the first one you try where on the cd that came with the card do you get any pictyre on the monitor also windows should use generic driver for her does the card appear in the control panel under peripheral and if yes try to updatwe from there ,these are driver from sapphire could you test that card in another system
  8. I tried with CD, didn't work, I have tested the ones from sapphire site, doesn't work.
  9. then the option is to test the card on another system and if it is not working will be rma time
  10. Don't have another system to test it on :/
  11. not even a friend or a good neighbor
  12. The fan works, it's just that the drivers won't work.
  13. did you get video from that card on your monitor
  14. What do ya mean? + Does it work with "ACER ASPIRE AX3400 MOTHERBOARD" ? :p
  15. No one?
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