Good Graphics Card for streaming?

I'm looking for a card thats going to allow me to play games at decent FPS while i'm also livestreaming on When I livestream i use dxtory and that does take away some FPS so I need something that is going to be able to put up with the FPS loss but continue to look good. The cheaper the better.
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  1. Often it is the CPU that needs more muscle to handle these simultaneous tasks. Please provide your system specs.
  2. If you could read this thread and fill out that form we'd be able to help you a lot more; as it stands, I can't really give any good suggestions.
  3. You need another hard drive, another SSD or a faster CPU.
    Either way it's not the GPU's fault
  4. HDD: 500gb.
    CPU: i5-3570k
    GPU:Gtx 550 ti
    PSU: Corsair 750mx
    Ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance
    Mobo: Asrock z77 Extreme 4
  5. Hmmm, your CPU should be fine. The GTX550Ti isn't a particularly strong card, but its render load isn't increasing just because you're streaming.
    Something with a little more bandwidth may help, or perhaps the SSD, but I don't know for sure so I am reluctant to suggest how you should spend your money. I will watch this topic for more information myself.
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