Toshiba Satellite won't connect to new ATT DSL Gateway

Hello, ATT just sent me a replacement Netgear 7550 ADSL Gateway. I previously had a 2Wire modem that could connect with my Mac desktop and Toshiba laptop without issues.

Now my Mac is up and running wireless on the new gateway (no problem), but the laptop (Windows 7) is not connecting and Windows troubleshooting goes not resolve the problem. It will connect via Ethernet but ATT could not help me get it on wireless. The ATT tech signed on the the laptop and could not get it done.

Maybe some Windows 7 configurations need tweaking? I'm stumped.
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  1. Interestingly, I disabled Mac filtering based on a suggestion I saw on another forum and the Toshiba connected to the wireless network. Apparently, Mac filtering interferes with the Windows 7 connectivity.

    Anyone know about that?
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