Black screen after installing ATI 5450

hi...i have install Asus Ati 5450 1gb graphic card on my pc...
3.0 ghz
dual core
2gb ddr2 ram
n asus motherboard...
after installing it when i restarts my pc the screen goes ma graphic card works on my friend's pc whose having ddr3 motherboard n i having ddr2 anyone hlp me plzzzzzzzzzzzz :(
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  1. Hi, did you uninstall on-board driver first and connect monitor cable to the graphic card?
  2. Yes i disable onboard graphics from bios as well as from device manager and yes i plug it in the graphic i doesnt hlp me... my computer model...hp a6020in desktop pc .. plzz hlp me
  3. Can you check with another card/ friends graphic card on your pc to check your mobo? Do you hear any post beep code?
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