My system say windows in not genuine ?

i built my pc about 3 months ago and the hdd and all os was on it from a separate computer bought from walmart over a year ago and now its telling me all of a sudden my windows build isnt genuine. any ideas on why this is happening?
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  1. Do you change your hardware like everyday or very often? Did you pirate Windows?
  2. do i dont the last time i changed any hardware was 3 weeks or so ago, and no this copy of windows came from a harddrive i got from an acer i purchased at walmart a year or so ago. i shut the pc off for 1 day and turned it back on and it popped up
  3. it shows in the right hand corner
    build 7601
    this copy of windows is not genuine
  4. What hardware did you chance?
  5. i pulled a stick of ram out and put it back in to see if it was causeing a videodriver error. the error ended up being amds drivers so i put the ram back in ive been running fine since than out of nowhere i boot up to see that not genuine error..
  6. i fixed it guys, but still dont know the reason on why it went un genuine. i had to get my old acer case out and re activate the serial number
  7. I recently reinstalled windows on my laptop a few days ago and yesterday i got the same popup about my windows not being genuine all i did was type in the numbers from the bottom again( i did it when windows was reinstalled too) and it was it was fixed. not sure why but it hasn't popped up again.
  8. *You said that the WINDOWS installation was from a DIFFERENT computer.

    That's your problem right there. Most versions of Windows are "OEM" and can only be installed to one computer. You can often change a few things on the computer but you can NOT use a new motherboard.

    *I'm very SURPRISED that you managed to re-Activate the serial number from a different PC.

    **I strongly recommend you make a backup IMAGE of your Windows drive now and KEEP the first image, then replace the SECOND backup once per month (stored on separate drive in case of main drive failure or virus/corruption:
    - Windows 7 IMAGE (okay)
    - Acronis True Image (good. free version from WD or Seagate if you have one of their internal or USB drives attached)
    - others (not familiar with)
  9. well i would but i dont have the money for a new harddrive..
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