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Computer Lock Up and Screech of Death While Gaming

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November 5, 2012 1:23:00 AM


Recently, I will get 10 minutes into a game and I'll start hearing weird sound reverbs and distortion. After that my computer freezes completely and emits a screech of death. I tried different headphones, still same thing. Settings on low because I enjoy FPS. I've tried with higher graphics, still nothing.

i5-2500k (with turbo on)
EVGA GTX 560 ti
Asus P6p67 LE
Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB
Corsair HX650 80+
Win7 64bit

Stock Heatsink + Fan ( I blew some of the dust off with canned air)
1 Small fan in the top back right next to CPU
1 Smallfan in bottom front
1 Medium top fan
GPU has two small fans

Nothing in event viewer, drivers all checked manually, no beta drivers.

It has happened before I blew some dust off the heatsink. Today, I took it off and blew some dust off and put it right back on. There was still thermal paste so I put it back on.

Noticed that my CPU temps were 79-80 after locking up and booting back in.

This happened when I first built it, but was solved by turning down the clock frequency on my motherboard to something below 100. I have my fans set on turbo. The processor is pretty renowned and most people use turbo.

Checked my RAM with onboard memtest button, made I got the proper clicks.

All fans do spin up. All dusted.


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November 5, 2012 7:12:32 PM

Update: My CPU temps are in the 70's while browsing, in the high 80's/90's when gaming.

I set the clock to 100.

Any other suggestions?