i450 or i850 for a student

Ok, last printer question before i just suck it up and buy one. I am a student on a budget and I'm pretty much buying new everything (laptop, printer, scanner, heh furniture) and i used to use Macs but my school requires a PC so i have a new toshiba laptop, but thats irrelevent. I can definitly afford to buy the canon i850 but i won't be doing a great deal of photo printing. is there is significant difference between the i850 and i450 and could anyone suggest one or the other, cause while i'd like to save money, i don't want to buy crap either. i'd appreciate any advice
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  1. Have you read this?

    "Overall, it seems that using the single-block Canon cartridge (i250, i350, i450, i470D) is twice as expensive (in both black and colored ink) than using separate cartridges (i550, i850)".
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