Help with XP system

Abit KG-7 raid (flashed to bios 5W)
Athlon XP 1600+
512MB PC2100
Gainward GeForce3 Ti200 (64MB)
Diamond Viper550 (AGP) <-- backup card
Diamond Stealth (PCI) <--backup card
WD1000BB (special edition 8MB cache) HTFS
WD 9GB Caviar (system drive) HTFS
Fujitsu HD (old system) FAT32
Soundblaster16 PCI
Plextor 12/10/30
Pioneer 106s DVD ROM

I CANNOT for the life of me get XP installed without either fatal erros, or graphic card problems. I can get it installed but then no games that change the screen res work. they cause crashes and driver problems.
Has anyone used this mobo/cpu combo with XP successfully?
All the different Gainward/Nvidia drivers I tried (both WHQL and non WHQL) warn me that they aren't certified!! Has anyone been able to get drivers to work with this video card and XP?
My Device Manager tells me that the NIC/sound card/video card are all using IRQ 11. but no conflicts! might this be the cause?
When I do get XP installed, the auto update NEVER works!!

ANY info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  1. mobo drivers?

    both whql and non whql drivers will give you that unsigned driver message. Stick with the whql ones (especially if you are having trouble) and ignore any messages.

    Those shared interrupts aren't neccesarily a bad thing. Be sure your bios is set to Pnp OS:Yes and you should be ok.

    Be sure your monitor drivers are installed correctly and not just set to "plug and play monitor".

    Get a new sound card for the love of god.

    Give it some time with that auto update. Microsoft has had some embarassing problems with that recently.

    Is the XP install going ok? any files having trouble getting copied?

    mobo drivers up to date or are you just using the ones that XP installs?
  2. drivers for mobo? i guess you mean bios? i flashed that to latest.
    i've tried all drivers and still have video errors come up.
    The microsoft tech told me the shared IRQ aren't bad but it really depends on if the hardware supports IRQ sharing. I've no idea if they do or don't. Device Manager shows no conflicts. I put in the GeForce3 and moved the 2 other PCI cards to slots that shouldn't conflict. (ie. slots 3 & 6)
    The sound card works fine. why replace it? =P lol
    I sat on the phone with microsoft tech for 2 straight hours trying to get the update working. Still no luck.
    As far as the install of XP, I have it in but I get lots of errors. For instance I just installed NAV/NIS. NIS works fine. I cannot enable NAV to protect my system. when i goto the setup for NAV and select 'enable' i get some scripting error and it won't allow me to save the setting. It seems like just about every app i've installed has had some sort of error happen at one point or other.
  3. Ahhhh... Norton... if it's anything earlier than 2002 it will NOT work with Windows XP. Antivirus 2002, Internet Security 2002, or Systemworks 2002... the 2001 versions of these programs don't run with XP. Not sure if that is the only problem you're having or not, but it may be the cause of some of your problems.
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