What should i get HD7970 or GTX680. Please help


I have Asus Gtx560 Ti. and I'm thinking of upgrading to GTX680 or HD7970 the problem is i don't know witch one is more suitable to me..

I'm Professional video editor. I work on premiere, AE, 3ds max. And yes I'm a hardcore gamer lol..
Since Nvidia has it's CUDA feature; its obviously clear that i should get Gtx680 BUT..
What really got me scratching my head and thinking is that Nvidia has took the chunk of its compute power away..
Would the Gtx680 be the best choice for me.

Please help guys I'm dizzy now and i can't think clearly.
Thanks in advance.

My PC :-

i5 760 2.80 GHz
16 GB G.Skill
GTX 560Ti
Triple 24" Samsung Monitors
Corsair TX 650 Watts Bronze
6 Tb HD's
Asus P7P55D
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  1. Hi.

    You could be right by scratching your head.

    From what i heard AMD does better now. While the 6xx series are purely designed for gaming, the 7xxx are more "all round" with more computing power or something.

    Don't ask me for technical details, i dunno bout those and the editing stuff, only know this ( what i heard here on Tom's.)

    Someone else can maybe explain why exactly.
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    If you're running Windows, the choice is easy: GTX 680. If on the other hand you choose the HD 7970, the Windows version of Premiere Pro CS6 will be permanently stuck in software-only MPE mode, and cannot use any GPU accelerated features at all. This slows down editing performance significantly - timeline renders can be 10 or more times slower than with GPU acceleration (which, by the way, supports only NVidia CUDA GPUs). All this is because the Windows version of Premiere Pro CS6 still lacks OpenCL GPU acceleration support.

    On the other hand, if you will be using those other programs more, you'll have to compromise. Optimal performance in both Premiere and those other programs might require an expensive Quadro card because the OpenGL performance on GeForce GPUs with their drivers leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. Or can explain why not to choose the 7970 :lol: Heard wrong than . . .
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  5. I don't know for sure about Premiere Pro CS6 in specific, but any software that can use OpenC acceleration or Direct3D acceleration will favor the 7970 over the 680 greatly. The 680's only advantage is CUDA and OpenCL/DirectC have been getting some serious backing in the professional software lately.

    Also, any professional software that favors dual-precision math over single-precision math (even with CUDA only) will favor the GTX 580 over the GTX 680 greatly. Again, I don't recall Premiere Pro CS6's favoritism in this, but it's something that should be given more research. I know for a fact that some professional video editing software does make significant use of dual-precision math and especially dual-precision OpenCL/DirectC math. The 7970 has a roughly 650% advantage in raw dual-precision performance over the 680 and even the 580 has a nearly 100% advantage in dual-precision math over the 680 (but loses similarly significantly in single-precision, the 7970 wins even in single-precision against the 680 by a huge margin when OpenCL and/or DirectC are supported), so looking into what Premiere Pro CS6 uses right now would be important.
  6. I've read in other forums that GTX 580 is running slightly faster than the 680, such as in render or exporting it can be faster in like 40 sec or so But i wouldn't favor the 580 over 680 because of few sec for the fact that it can handle higher RES. much more CUDAS. and alot of other great stuff..
    Thanks guys for helping i appreciated :)
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