Slightly Smaller Desktop Needed

Hey guys,

a warning in advance: I know very little of hardware and extensive research has opened up more new questions than have been answered. I also have a very, very specific request, so I'd be more than amazed should you be able to help me.

Here we go:

I need a desktop whose depths, meaning the the distance from front to rear, is below 40 centimeters, preferably below 38.
For Americans, that is about 15 inches, I suppose.

I want to save some money, so I'm trying to build the computer myself and I think that's a good skill to have, but so far it is very hard to find out if hardware really fits together.

So here's what I've come up with so far:

Apparently the form-factor I'm looking for is called "Mini ITX", but there also seem to be µITX, Mini ATX and µ ATX, which is immensely confusing!

So I've thrown together the following pieces of hardware:

ASRock H77M Mainboard (M for mini, I hope?)
Intel Core i5 3470@3,2 GHZ
ADATA Premier Pro SP900 2,5" SSD 64 GB
Gainward Geforce GTX 650GS
G.Skill DIMM 8 GB DDR3-1600 Kit
Windows 8

All in all: € 545,99

So far, are any of those components incompatible or grossly unfit?
I'm not sure how to see if the Graphics Card fits onto the gnomish mainboard, or if the mainboard even supports the 1600mhz-speed of the ram.

Besides the case, with which you guys really need to help me out, am I missing anything?

Oh, since computers tend to run on electricity, I suppose I need a power-supply as well.
How much Watt? I don't plan on crammin' a second graphics card into the computer, nor do I dare overclocking, so I suppose 800 are enough?

If you've read all of the above you, Sir, are wonderful.
I really appreciate your guys' help and I really hope my 2005 Dell Dimension can finally retire.

Thanks so much,

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  1. but really look at case dimensions, since that's the maximum external size. find one you like and fits the size. it will tell you what size mothboard it can take.

    get a good quality ~500 watt unit, like Corsair, OCZ, or Seasonic

    other answers are the respective product pages
  2. That is a micro ATX board. There are a ton of cases under 15 inches for micro atx and mini itx. Go to website, select motherboard size, find a case you like, check dimensions, check reviews.

    Don't forget to count the inch of cables coming out the back if it matters.

    you probably need a 450W PSU.... 800W is for high.end multi gpu systems and makes no sense in a low end low budget small space system.
  3. Now there's still the question about the compatibility betwixt the non-case hardware.

    Will, for instance, the i5 fit on any ATX / ITX / Mini / Micro?
  4. read the motherboard product page . it will tell you about compatibility of all the compenent, physically size of the board/case is irrelevent other than length of card and size of cooler, which doesn't apply to you
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