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Are these the right specs for gt 630m

Im a noob at the moment with computers and some of the names used here i have a hard time of comparing with specs online. Plus the rating do not seem to match much. I have a Geforce 630m with 304.79 beta drivers and the specs are as follows

graphics clock: 475 Mhz

Processor Clock: 950 Mhz

Memory data rate: 1800 MHz

2gb dedicated memory 4gb total

With every new driver do the clock speeds change as well?

I don't know what the memory data rate is. is it the same thing as memory speed?

And the processor clock seems high.

My main issue have to due with how everything is named. there are slight variances that throw me off at the moment.
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    Those are the Nvidia Geforce GT 630M specifications as stated by Nvidia.

    Graphics cards, especially mobile graphics cards, can vary in GPU/memory frequency and memory capacity specifications, especially since the official specifications for a card often aren't even concrete with the mobile graphics. Can you post a screen shot of where your specifications are listed? I might be able to help you sort the meanings of everything in them.
  2. Oh thank you for the link and offering to help me. I got those stats off of the Nvidia settings control panel on my computer.

    So a question would be, what is the difference between a GPU Clock and a graphics clock?
    Mainly because my GPU clock(according to HWinfo64) is 650 mhz but the picture shows a Graphics clock of 475 mhz.

    and i see nothing to do with the processor clock either. The picture shows it at 950 mhz.

    furthermore, the link shows that my graphics clock can go up to 800 mhz, is that only under load?
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    It seems that there are at least three or four distinct GT 630M hardware profiles. You probably have the renamed GT 540M if you have 96 CUDA cores.

    With a core clock frequency dropped from 1344MHz to 950MHz, the specifications would probably match exactly. The memory frequency difference is probably not actually different, just measured differently. The processor clock frequency is double the GPU frequency of cards that use the hot-clocking technique. It is not used on Nvidia's newer Kepler GPUs, but it is used on their Fermi GPUs. So, not all GPUs have a processor frequency. Your GPU frequency will not go anywhere near 800MHz under any circumstances except maybe if you manually overclock it and even then, it probably doesn't go that high.

    Your GT 630M is almost definitely performing as it should. It has a lower clock frequency than the GT540M that it is probably based on, so the lower performance seems to be normal.
  4. Oh alright I get it better now thanks. The specs for the gt 540m practically do match my 630m. Since the processor clock is higher for the 540m and everything else is the same, does that mean that my card isn't a complete re-badge of the 540m but more of a de-tuned version?
  5. Technically, yes, but you could give overclocking a try if you are unhappy with that.
  6. No not comfortable with that just yet haha. But thanks for really clearing things up for me! I appreciate it greatly.
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  8. Glad to help.
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