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I just built my first pc and used my laptops hard drive, how do I remove all of the laptop drivers and software so it isnt asking about my trackpad, etc. If there was a guide that I missed can you please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance, I'm really eager to start using it!
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  1. wipe it and start over . or you can cross your fingers and reinstall windows on top of it's reself, or try a repair/restore on the desktop
  2. I don't have an installation disk which is why I wanted to use my laptops hard drive and OS
  3. You cannot do that. The laptops OS is OEM and is locked to the laptops motherboard, it will not activate, and you are in violation of the license agreement. its a miracle it even booted. Go buy windows 7
  4. If you got the desktop to boot, use the motherboard cd to install all the needed drivers (not crapware) then get the update from their website. If no motherboard cd, just go to it's website and manually install the appropriate drivers. I make no asssumption as to what OS or license you bear, but it is a messy way of doing it and don't be surprised if you find problems down the road.
  5. Argh! I don't want to make a mess. Desktop boots. Will the motherboard cd (gigabyte sniper m3) get rid of the laptop crap?
  6. Nothing will get rid of the "laptop crap" except trying to uninstall it individually, most settings will be wrong, and it will still not activate and will be unlicensed. You're wasting your time
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    No it will not, it will install the drivers for components on your desktop motherboard that were not on your laptop. To remove crap 1) uninstall properly from the control panel, or 2) reinstall. Only guaranteed option is a fresh install, but from you comments do #1 and count yourself luck it's running, and know why the future problems are occuring.
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  9. Wow reading this make me think that you guys are angry and actually expect the OP to 'buy' windows. Ha.
  10. Thrallsman: What do I do?
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