EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti computer cannot detect the card.

I recently built a new computer with these parts. GA-Z77x-UD3H Motherboard, GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card, Intel i5 3570k CPU, Corsair Vengeance memory DDR3 2x4GB, and a CX600w power supply. After I turned on the computer and installed an operating system I have not been able to install the drivers for my GTX 560 Ti. I have tried on multiple operating systems and I have not had any success. The operating systems I have tried are : Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Release Preview. On all these systems it says "cannot find compatible graphics hardware. I have tried multiple drivers on the downloads such as 306.02 and none of them work. I have looked through the device manager and the graphics card is not listed at all. I have extensively gone through bios and no luck with detecting the graphics card. I have tried putting the card into both of the PCI-E slots on my motherboard and it is not detected on either one. The interesting thing is that the fan of the graphics card will power up and spin, but the computer doesn't seem to think the graphics card exists. I think that there may be something wrong with the card and I would like to ask around, in order to further diagnose the problem, and fix it as needed.

I should mention that the motherboard seems to work fine with everything else, and all the parts are brand new. The problem seems to be related to the hardware of the graphics card. I have tried many of the solutions I have found online to no avail. Any ideas folks?
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    If you are able to boot into Windows, then Windows detects the GPU, unless the monitor is plugged into the motherboard instead of the GPU. Where is your motherboard plugged into?
  2. I have the same problem as him , however , i have my monitor connected with an HDMI cable to the motherboard. and when i download the nvidia to update it a screen pops up saying " it cant detect a driver "
  3. Hey guys I fixed the problem. I plugged the mini hdmi to hdmi adapter into the back of the graphics card, and then I connected it to the monitor. This fixed my problems, and it works perfectly now. Awesome card! Try plugging in from graphics card to monitor, not motherboard to monitor.
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