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So my motherboard is a Biostar N68S3+ and it only has a PCI Express x16 slot for a video card. I was wondering if I could put a video card that requires PCI Express 2.0 in that slot and it would work fine??
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  1. All the PCI gens are backward compatible, your gen 2 card will work in that gen 1 slot. It is also of sufficient bandwidth to not bottleneck the card.
  2. Ok well im looking to upgrade my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT. I have about 100 to spend, any ideas?
  3. HD7750. That's about all you can get on that budget (the low end Nvidia cards are horrible) and will game decently as well.
    Also doesn't require any power connectors.
  4. All the hd7750's around here are about 20$ out of my price range
  5. Have a look at the GTX550Ti and HD6770, you might be able to get one for $100.
    I dont recommend going any lower than that.
  6. Well I will take a look at those but what makes you not recommend going any lower?
  7. Note: Get the 550Ti if possible. Much better performance.

    Those cards are essentially the bottom end of the last generation, so to go down even further would put you two generations behind and it likely wont even be an upgrade to what you already have.
    The only card I would recommend below this would be the GT210, and that would be to serve as little more than a display output, no way is it adequate for gaming.

    Also it seems that cards lower than the 550ti and 6670 (apart from the 210) aren't even available on Newegg.
  8. Though if the price gap b/w a 9600GT or 9800GT is too much compared to a 6670 then just go for the older cards, that 6670 isn't much of an improvement.

    Also, try and only use PCIe 2.0 cards (Some AMD/ATI cards are PCIe 2.1, which may run into issues with PCIe 1.0/1.1) unless you're very sure you can exchange it for another card.

    550 Ti and the 7750 are the minimum improvements you should be looking for unless the 6670s are really cheap (compared to the older cards).

    But yeah i guess if you're coming from the 9400, 6670 (GDDR5 version) should be the min you should go for.
  9. My only issue with those cards is that my budget is 100 and well I just really dislike this 9400 gt because honestly it doesnt seem like a gaming card at all
  10. yeah so 6670 and 7750 are good choices.

    You're right about the 9400GT though XD

    check this out:

    and look at this chart, pick a card at least 3 tiers above yours:
  11. WOW, I had to scroll down for a while to find out where the 9400 GT is. Makes me feel like i bought the wrong card a few years ago
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