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How to predict CPU bottleneck'd graphics


I built a budget PC a while ago and I am now ready to upgrade it. Currently, I have a A8-3850 on an ASUS mobo (f1a75v-pro) and 8GB DDR3 but no discrete video card. Gigabyte's Windstorm GTX 670 caught my eye but I realize that my cheap cpu might hold my rig back.

Is there anyway to predict if this will happen and avoid wasting some serious cash?

I might be willing to upgrade my CPU as well, but the motherboard is FM1 socket and it doesn't look like there are really high end options.
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    Well, the 3850 is a pretty slow processor (yet the APU concept is pretty cool).

    How will you know? When you are playing a game, your processor will max out in doing work and slow down your fps, while your graphics cards is going to sit there doing close to nothing.

    Some games are just more CPU bound that others. Others are more GPU bound. Starcraft 2 is pretty CPU bound, and Battlefield 3 is pretty GPU bound.

    If you are looking at the 670, I would look at the 660Ti. Its only a 7% decrease in performance, and usually it comes with Borderlands 2.

    I mean, if you want to go for the card, you can go for it and see how it runs. If you don't like how it runs, then you can upgrade the processor.

    APU's are really good for HTPC media center builds, so you can use it for that.
  2. After spending the day looking at the gtx 660 ti vs 670, I am still unsure about which to pick but I really think that some point I will have to upgrade the cpu/mobo anyhow. I think the lesson from this is that I should spend a little extra rather than regret it later. Thanks for the advice
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