7850 or 6870? 3220 or 965 BE?

Which would give me better performance?

Build A: HD 7850 + 965 BE
Build B: HD 6870 + i3-3220
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  1. A.
    That Phenom II processor is still good for modern games.
  2. Thanks! Would it be future-proof too? Future-proof, in my sense, means requiring less or no upgrades for a quite a long time and will be able to play modern games in that span of time. Let's say 1-3 years.
  3. It is future proof in a way. The 7850 can handle bf3 and Crysis pretty well, but I assume there will be more graphic demanding titles so you will have to upgrade if you wanna play those on high or maybe even ultra.

    I suspect you'll be able to play on low / medium though.

    Final answer: A
  4. thanks. :) going with a!
  5. Don't forget a best answer!!
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