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Desktop graphic card to laptop

I just bought a laptop yesterday and it run SWTOR very better than my old 5 years desktop pc. The CPU in my laptop is an i5 vs an i2 in my desktop pc but my laptop graphic card suck.

I got an ENGTS 450 in my desktop and I would replace my Radeon HD 7670M in my laptop with it.

I saw some threads on how to do it but I want to keep my geforce graphic card in my desktop pc(plugged with the motherboard and the power supply) and plug it to my laptop with something.

My laptop go a HDMI out port, a memory media slot and the other slots a laptop is supposed to have.

What would be the most easy and the most cheap solution for this?
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  1. That's impossible.
  2. And if I open my laptop? Iits a Toshiba Satellite S855-050, no. model PSKACC-05001R

    Im still a student and I cant realy spend 300+$ for a new motherboard and CPU for my desktop pc =/
  3. The card isn't going to fit. So many things make this impossible.
  4. Yeah I know its not going to fit but some people found some solution to do it:

    But my graphic card will stay in my desktop pc
  5. It's not going to happen.

    1. You need an ExpressCard slot which is very rare for modern laptops.
    2. Even it it were possible, performance would be terrible with the card pushing two displays.
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    It is kind of possible with remote desktop. However, this is running the game off of the desktop and seeing it through the laptop screen and you want to use the the laptop cpu with the desktop gpu in the desktop mobo. This is impossible as the gpu needs to be directly connected to the pc not through another mobo. The link you posted is a direct connection to the pc via expresscard or mpcie.

    BTW expresscard is not necessary for an egpu and performance isn't terrible, it can play crysis 1/2, bf3 etc. high end games on high.
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