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So i connect my computer to my TV and use it as the monitor, I recently upgraded from a 32' LCD to a 39' LED and its been great so far, but i think my graphics card is having a hard time in games, GW2 specifically, running at 1920x1080 on best apperance ill get 21-24 fps, but it still appears smooth with the occasional lag when i turn the camera really fast. Right now i have a GPU/CPU combo of HD7770/i5 OC@ 4GHz, i was thinking of upgrading to a 7950, specifically this, and i was just wondering if that might be a bit overkill/underkill, (7870/7970)?

I might be convinced to go to the 7970 but i would have to be convinced that it would not just be wasted money if im only planning on 1920x1080 gaming.
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    a 7970/7950 is not overkill for gaming at 1080p....either card will make you a happy camper....just depends on how much you want to spend. If you purchase either card you will in no way be wasting money. the card you picked out would be just fine.
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  3. Bought a Gigabyte Windforce 7950 with a 100Mhz OC for 309 off NCIX last night, I read some recent reviews of the xfx's and they almost all complain about multiple RMA's due to fan issues. I think 309 is a remarkable deal as well for a 7950, glad i waited since seeing the price drop article on toms lol.
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