Hi all,

I need help regarding video/graphic card.

Currently my PC spec is as below

AMD Athlon II x4 635 2.9Ghz 2MB
2 x 2GB Kingston DDR3 PC1333
Gigabyte PoweRock 390W power supply
Dell U23H11 monitor

Now using CPU, there is no DVI-D port.

I want to optimize this monitor capability when watching HD by connecting my CPU with the monitor using DVI-D connection. I guess the images will be more clear and sharp.
What Video/graphic card is suitable with above spec?

As I said my main priority is to watch HD movies. Sometimes I also playing light game (GTA, Tomb Rider).

Thanks for help.
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  1. so you are looking for a card that can play games a little bit and has a dvi-d port? and will work with your system? just making sure its 100% clear....this is a good card for that
  2. Yes sir...that's what I wanted...

    Thanks... :)
  3. no problem man..glad I can help out of curiosity what resolution are you gaming at?
  4. Erkk....?? :pt1cable:

    Really don't know where to check it. I just play whatever setting the PC have. Any clue where to look?
  5. well it would be in the options of each game but you could check in wndows right click on desktop and hit screen resolution
  6. Owhh..

    If on desktop screen resolution, then it is 1920 X 1080... But don't know where to check inside games option....
  7. it would be under screen options or something like that depending on the game.
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