Gtx 670 max voltage causes no boost

I was trying to overclock my asus dc2 670 so first i ran heaven without any changes and my core clock oscilates about 50mhz so then i increased the power target to fix this. I then maxed out the pt and voltage and ran again and my core clock was all over the place. Maxed out is 1.175, if i move it down to 1.075 i can get a +175 clock offset and +375 mem clock increase with a good rating on heaven but looking back at the graph my gpu clock line is still not perfectly straight i get some divets.

I dont have vsync turned on and my gpu usage is at 99% when benchmarking

Is it ok to ignore the gpu clock graph and just shoot for the best heaven benchmark i can achieve?

Do you think something is wrong with my card or even my power supply? no matter what i do i cant get it to run at max voltage.

im new at understanding all of this so any help would be great, thank you
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  1. Overclocking is luck of the draw....the "best chance" to get significantly higher than reference clocks is to get a high clocked factory OC card....but that doesn't guarantee you the best overclocker...that could be a plain vanilla...or not. There are many components that come into play, and all are far from being created equal, and anyone can be a un passable road block. With factory OC card you are guaranteed an OC of whats on the box...nothing more, though often times you will find a little more headroom with the steeper factory OC cards.

    I also recommend have a look at this link to help you max your oc stable ~~The GTX 670 Overclocking Master-Guide~~ I also know about some "magic bios" but since your fairly new to this i am not going to get into telling you about it since you'd most likely break your card.
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