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Filling whole screen

Hey guys, I have an msi r7850 HD 2gb PE videocard, and it works on my 23" 1080p acer monitor BEAUTIFULLY. however, I recently got an HDTV, and I connected my computer to it through the HDMI port on the videocard. I didnt want it to run as a second monitor, so i set windows to use the two screens as duplicate displays (i only really want to watch movies on the TV through my computer). the problem is, the computer screen doesn't fill up the tv, theres a black border on all 4 sides of the display. the TV is a 54" viera from panasonic, is it possible to fix this? thanks for any replys!
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  1. check the settings on the tv maybe its aspect ratio is set to some kind of zoom make sure its set to just scan....if that doesnt fix it check the settings in the amd control panel you will be able to fix it there.
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    Change your scaling settings in Catalyst. This is very common. Good luck!
  3. scaling in catalyst worked beautifully, thanks for the tip, best answer
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