Help with APU

hey guys, i need help with picking the right components for my first pc build.

here are my questions:
can you guys find any good and -->QUIET<-- cpu cooler than is compataible with this apu?
also, if i buy 2133 speed ram, can i get it to run at 2133 without overclocking?

thanks :bounce:
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  1. The Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo is one of the best, lowest cost coolers out there. It supports most modern sockets including the FM1 and FM2. You will find this as a go to cooler for alot of people. I've installed on myself and it does a good job and is quiet.

    Highspeed ram is a good choice for the APU since it uses this for video RAM. RAM has a preset profile with the advertised clock speed on it called the X.M.P. Profile. You can set this in your motherboard BIOS and it will run at the 2133MHz speed without needing to OC anything else. Check your motherboard manual for instructions on where this is set.
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