3 Monitors on 7850 HELP

Ok guys I got a real challenge for you all :sarcastic:
I recently came across two 19 inch monitors that I wanted to run along with a 23 inch monitor. So here's my problem.
My sapphire 7850 has A dual link dvi, single link dvi, hdmi, and display port. the monitors have as follow.
19 inch: DVI VGA max res 1280x1024
19 inch: VGA 1280x1024
23 inch: VGA HDMI 1900x1080
What sort of set up could I use that would work best with eyefinity. Also since ONE monitor only has VGA will that give me issues even though I won't be running at 1080. I heard that if you don't run at 1080 you don't need and "active" adapter for display port. Can someone help me out I am horribly confused :??:
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  1. also wondering if its even possible to eyefinity 3 different sized monitors
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