PCI-e x1 to PCI-e x16 Adapter for xfiring

So my mobo has 1 PCI-e x16 and 1 PCI-e x1 slot, i would love to xfire my HD7770 with another , but i dont really want to spend money a new board, if i use an x1 to x16 adapter would it be the some as a "normal" xfire?
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  1. No, even with an adapter, the PCI-E x1 slot will have one sixteenth the bandwidth of your PCI-Ex16 slot. The second 7770 will be severely bottlenecked by this lack of bandwidth, and the Crossfire performance would be abysmal. Your first card would be waiting a long time for the second card to catch up due to lack of bandwidth. If you really want to Crossfire, you'll need a new motherboard.
  2. Or sell and get a better single GPU.
  3. Just sell the 7770 and get something newer.
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