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I want to setup a raid config for my gaming rig and I wanted some oppinions on which hardrives are better. I want to get two ibm deskstars 60gb or two wester digital 80gb they are both 7,200 rpm and with 2mb buffers. If i could just get an all around pros and cons on both hardrives that would be great. The raid controller is onboard my soyo dragon (promise fasttrak)
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  1. Between the two brands that you listed I would go with the IBM 60GXP over Western Digital any day! I don't have any pro's and con's just because I never had an IBM. I have had WesternDigital drives though and that's why I would go IBM...

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  2. Have you had problems wd or you just figure the ibm has got to be better no matter what
  3. If you can wait. IBM just come out with the 120GXP.
  4. I've had trouble with WD drives. I've seen at least 5 fail so far. But they've all been smaller than 4.3gb. I have no experience with IBM.

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