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Your question this proof it's broken

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October 24, 2011 2:50:03 PM

speedstream 4300

for a long time i've had issues where the router in the bedroom needed so frequently rebooted, i have a remote control on it. I've been using the gaming adapter hooked up to an old DVR but now have the GA hooked up to a new tivo and have issues with it

the issue i have is that when the router reboots, the IP on the tivo changes even though i put in a fixed one and i have to go back and re enter it..not fun

so i decided to just hook up my laptop to the modem directly for 2 days and so far not a single disconnect whereas last week i left the laptop on wirless and every night it would disconnect

what this means is that even though i temporarily hardwired the tivo and the laptop from the router, that there is something amiss with the router..just dont know if i can tweak some settings or if something else is wrong

i have no issue trying a new router, this one is over 5 years old but i didnt know if it was normal for all devices wired directly into the router to not even function when the router 'went out'... i had thought i had a wireless problem but i guess it's not?

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October 24, 2011 4:48:54 PM

I had a WRT54G for many years and the only time i can remember having any problems that involved me having to reset it was when i switched it from one device (Xbox 360) to another (PS3) when using the WGA54G wireless gaming adapter. But when hard wired in i can switch the cords back and forth at will.

And even with the adapter it was not an every day occurrence. Just an occasional annoyance, and no settings required changing, i just had to cycle the modem and router. And it never dropped a signal if i did not change devices.

I guess since you are thinking of junking it, might as well try to update it to the latest firmware, or even an aftermarket firmware if one is available for that router.
October 25, 2011 2:50:37 PM

so there is something in the software that perhaps is causing the disconnects even though i'm using all wired? i could understand wireless being flaky but i thought if all was hardwired i should have been ok

obviously not..i may even stick with the same router, just new, lasted this long :) 
October 25, 2011 5:11:22 PM

Anything is possible. People have problems with their PC that is wired to the router (as far as speeds) and SOMETIMES an upgrade in firmware can solve it. So not always just wireless problems.

I have had 2 Linksys WRT54G W/speedboost routers and can not say enough good things about them, very dependable. One was lost due to a bad tech at my ISP. They wanted to upgrade my firmware and it somehow got stuck mid process which turned my router into a paper weight. Which is why I would say if you plan to buy a new one anyway then if you brick it trying to update firmware or it doesn't fix it, no big deal. They of course sent me a new one which i used for many years until my ISP gave me a new router/modem combo (with a service upgrade of course). Still have the WRT54G in the closet for a rainy day as it works perfectly.