Please help! Trying to set up AMD + Nvidia hybrid


I am trying to run a hybrid of my HD6850 and GTS250 for the purpose of running physx. My HD6850 of course is my primary card and my GTS250 is my dedicated physx processor. So as I was trying to set this up I ran into a snag.

With my 6850 already installed as my primary card it seems that installing a second card, my nvidia gts 250, fails because the drivers wont install. It will go half way in the install but then my computer will just reboot and freeze at the start up logo. However, if i did it the other way around like having my GTS 250 as my primary and then installing my works. But that's not what I want . Even if I only hook up my monitor to my 6850, my 6850 is just an extension to my GTS 250 and has no gpu activity. I have tried everything, clean install of windows, cleaning drivers, switching pci slots, swapping psu's.....nothing is working. I just don't understand why is that if my Nvidia card is my primary card I am able to install my AMD card with driver with out any problems but I can't do it vice-versa. Has Nvidia done something to prevent us from doing this?

The procedure that I read from another says that in order for this to work you must
1) have already installed your amd card with driver
2) then install nvidia card with driver 256 and reboot
3) install physx software and reboot
4) install mod 1.05ff and reboot
5) test with star tails benchmark and confirm with gpu z

I can't even get past step 2.

Oh here is my system:

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4
8 gigs DDR3
Corsair 650 watt psu
Windows 7 64bit
AMD HD6850 cat 12.8
Nvidia GTS 250 (has two 6 pin power ports)

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  1. Driver compatibility

    Hybrid PhysX mod 1.05ff works normally with: (the list might be not full)

    PhysX System Software: 9.10.0224, 9.10.0512, 9.10.0513, 9.10.0514, 9.11.0621
    NVIDIA GPU Drivers: 258.69 Beta, 258.96 Beta/WHQL, 259.09, 259.31, 259.32, 259.47 WHQL, 260.63 Beta, 260.89 Beta/WHQL, 260.93 Beta, 260.99 WHQL, 261.00 Beta, 275.33 WHQL, 280.19 Beta, 280.26 WHQL, 285.36 Beta, 285.58 WHQL, 285.62 WHQL, 285.79 Beta

    site cant guarantee that 256 will work unless you mean the package which i would try testing the already tested drivers above.
  2. more gpus is a feature of windows 7. Nvidia shouldn't really be able to stop you. And you're using old drivers. So no. While nvidia is a jerk about physics not their fault.

    Random thoughts. install AMD and drivers.remove card. Install nvidia in second slot and install drivers remove card. Put AMD back, boot with it as primary.add nvidia card back.

    If your connected to the AMD card it is being used though. Whatever says zero use is confused. Install order shouldn't really matter...

    Reinstall windows and start from scratch.
  3. Sorry for the delay. I went ahead and did a clean reinstall of windows. But it's still not working.

    Here is what I tried

    1) first installed AMD card with driver (success)
    2)Removed AMD card from system and swaped with GTS (so far ok)
    3)installed Nvidia driver (success)
    4)Swapped out Nvidia card with AMD card (success)
    5) Then add nvidia card to second PCI slot (success)
    6) Computer computer prompted me to reboot so that the changes can take effect
    7) computer restarts and as soon as it reaches windows logo computer freezes. And Nvidia fan starts to rev up.

    So I did a another clean install of windows this time with my nvidia card installed first and still I get the same problem.

    Here are the drivers i tied using for my nvidia card

    259.32, 259.47 260.89, 260.99, 261.00 Beta, 275.33, 280.19 Beta, 280.26, 285.36 285.58, 285.62, and 285.79


    Cat 12.4, 12.6, 12.8
    So I don't understand why it stalls at the start up logo. Also I notice that prior to rebooting my mouse become erratic and unresponsive. Could there be a resource conflict? I mean it's strange I haven't even got a blue screen....not that i would want that lol. ahhh i don't know.
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