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Please suggest a good graphic card for my PC config.

I just got a second hand PC with the below config. please suggest a good graphocs card for this PC.
I intend to play games like crysis, crysis-2,NFS and other FPS games.
I can only spend upto Rs.8000.
plz provide both AMD and nvidia models that range from Rs.3000 to Rs. 8000
cpu - Intel dual core e2200
mobo - asus P5KPL-CM
RAM - 1GB ddr2
HD - 250GB
OS - windows XP for now planned to upgrade to windows 7 or 8
PSU - 430Watts(powerstar is the name printed on it)

Thankyou guys
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  1. The monitor is a 17"LG flatron with native resolution as 1360x768
  2. To be honest I wouldn't bother. You need more memory crysis/crysis 2 for starters. But DDR2 is expensive. You might limp by on the CPU. If you are willing to play on low though.and play older games you might get by
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    The best card I would suggest to you is this one:

    However, your cpu and ram will bottleneck it, unless you overclock. Both your cpu and mobo
    are capable but your ram is lacking. I suggest a lesser card and some overclocking ram:

    Get 2 of these 1GB sticks of ram. They are ddr2 667 and will let your mobo push your cpu.

    If you need a low profile card(slim pc case) you will have to step the gpu down to this:

    Since you are basically running a 720p screen, you should be able to play games on
    medium to high settings.
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